A Little Bit Zombie

Some Cool Stuff at the Profusion Expo.

Kevin, Hejoo, Johnny  and I checked out Vistek’s Profusion expo last weekend and got to play with some cool stuff.

If you’re following the DSLR revolution that’s going on, you might already know about a lot of the new gear out there designed for this type of shooting. But it was awesome to actually put hands on some of it and see it up close. Much better than sifting through blogs and product sites for information.

Highlights for me included seeing the iKan HD Monitors, GoPro Hero Cameras, the new motion control rigs from Varizoom, and a very affordable support rig called the SUMO II from the folks at Shape WLB.

I also stopped by the Canon Booth which had all their Kick Ass cameras and lenses there to play with.

I’m looking forward to using some of this gear on future projects!