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Dawn of the HD-DSLR

So if you’re a bit a tech nerd like me, you’re aware of the recent developments in DSLR cameras.

If not, well let me fill you in.

Companies like Canon and Nikon (and some would argue Sony) make high end digital stills cameras for photojournalists and wedding/event photographers. These things are awesome. 15-22 mega pixels and you can mount a ton of lenses to them.

Well a year or so back, the good folks at Canon thought it would be neat to add an HD video feature to their 5D Mark II . Not to replace their line of video camera, but just as an extra feature for their customers.

It turns out the video quality is AWESOME!!! Here is a test shot at Skywalker Ranch by filmmaker/director and DSLR master, Philip Bloom . He got to blow it up on George’s 40ft screen and all were impressed!

Skywalker Ranch from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Now at the end of the day this remains a stills camera that shoots video. Of course their are limitations and you have to adapt your technique to suit the camera’s abilities, and not expect it to simply conform to what you expect of traditional film/digital movie cameras.

But with such a compact package, the ability to shoot in low light, a whole whack of lenses, and a price tag that allows you to buy a package as opposed to renting, this camera (along with the 7D and 1D) is proving to be an great tool for independent film makers.

If we choose to shoot the film with one of these cameras, we’ll be sure to bring you all the details on our experience.

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