A Little Bit Zombie

Trailer Fridays; Legion, A Law Abiding Citizen & Gentlemen Broncos

Legion doesn’t look like the most amazing film ever, but my old friend, Kevin Durand(Mystery Alaska, Lost, Smokin Aces), plays the arch-angel Gabriel, and that’s enough reason for me to go see it. I think it will be a fun ride.

A few years back I had the good fortune to be befriended by the very talented(and at the time, not so well known) Gerrard Butler. I think this is his best film since 300.

And for today’s laugh, I give you the new film from Jared Hess, director of Napoleon Dynamite.

and here is a little bit of supplemental material for Gentlemen Broncos: Dr. Ronald Chevalier – The Art of inspiring oneself.

Have a great weekend!